An eyebrow pencil is a crucial piece of cosmetics that may change your appearance. Eyebrows that are precisely formed and filled in the frame of your face draw attention to your best features and make you look put together. Whether you’re new to cosmetics or an expert specialist, becoming proficient with eyebrow pencil application will improve your overall appearance. These 11 pointers will help you master the art of applying eyebrow pencils. 

Select the Proper Shade

The first step in applying an eyebrow pencil skillfully is choosing the appropriate shade. The color of your eyebrow pencil should be as close to your natural brow as feasible.


If you have dark hair, select a pencil that is one or two shades lighter than the color of your hair. 


Choose a pencil one or two shades darker if your hair is light. This guarantees a natural appearance that enhances your whole look. 


If you’re not sure about the shade, you can locate the ideal fit by trying it on your wrist or the back of your hand. For a professional, natural look, the color should match perfectly with your skin tone and brow hair. 


Additionally, many brands provide pencils with a spoolie brush integrated inside the pencil, which facilitates equal application and blending. 


Choosing the appropriate shade of eyebrow makeup can significantly impact the appearance of naturally defined and flawless eyebrows.

Get Your Eyes Ready

It’s crucial to prepare your eyebrows before beginning to fill them in. First, use a spoolie brush to shape and eliminate extra products from your brows. 


This makes it easier to see your brows’ natural contour and spot any sparse spots that require filling in. 

Using a tiny pair of scissors to trim any long hairs can also significantly improve the appearance of cleanliness. 


You can also dab on brow gel to hold the hairs in place after brushing and trimming your brows. This will assist you in keeping the form while using the eyebrow pencil. 


Before filling in, consider using a clear or tinted brow gel to control particularly unruly brows. 


By following these preparation stages, you can ensure that your eyebrows are clean and ready for precise application, which will streamline and improve the effectiveness of the entire process. 

Arrange Your Eyebrows

Make sure that your eyebrows are filled symmetrically by planning them out. Mark the beginning, the arch, and the end of your brow with an eyebrow pencil. 


Mark the point where the pencil meets your brow by holding it vertically along the side of your nose to determine the starting point.


Angle the pencil from the side of your nose through the middle of your eye to identify the arch, then note where it meets your brow. 


Lastly, mark where the pencil meets your brow by positioning it at the border of your nose and angling it toward the outer corner of your eye. Your eyebrows can be shaped using these points as a guide.

Utilize Gentle, Hair-Like Brushes

It’s crucial to apply eyebrow pencil with light, hair-like strokes. This approach avoids overly harsh or drawn-on brows by simulating the appearance of natural brow hairs. 


Following the natural direction of your hair growth, begin at the inner corner of your brow and work your way outward. This method produces a more realistic and organic finish.

Make sparing fills

When it comes to eyebrow filler, less really is more. Fill in the blank spaces first, then add color bit by bit. 

Layer the color slowly until you reach the right intensity because adding more is more manageable than removing it. 


Maintaining the natural contour and fullness of your brows can also be achieved by concentrating on sparser regions first.

Combine to Get a Natural Look

Blending is essential to getting a natural look when using eyebrow pencils. After applying the pencil, use a spoolie brush to mix the color and soften any sharp edges. 


Using an upward and outward brush motion helps distribute the product evenly and produces a more seamless look for your brows. 


Additionally, it guarantees that your brows are naturally defined rather than too defined.

Describe the Form

To improve the shape of your eyebrows, you can define the outline with the eyebrow pencil. 


To get a neat and defined shape, lightly trace over the top and bottom margins of your brows. 


Take care not to go overboard; the idea is to accentuate your brow’s natural contour rather than completely change it. 


Sharpening the edges gives your brows a more put-together, structured appearance.

Draw Attention to the Brow Bone

Enhancing the look of your brow bone can significantly impact your appearance. Highlight the region directly beneath your eyebrows using a highlighter or light-colored eyeshadow. 


Your eyes appear brighter and elevated, giving the impression that they are more awake and open. 


To prevent a sharp contrast, use the highlighter sparingly and mix it in thoroughly.


Adjust Your Browser 

Use a brow gel to fix your brows to stay in place throughout the day. While colored brow gel can offer more color and definition, clear brow gel is ideal for a more natural look. 


To fix the form and color of your brows, brush the gel through them upward and outwardly. 


Ensure your eyebrows are set to avoid smudging and maintain their tidy appearance all day.

Show Some Patience

It takes skill and patience to become proficient at applying eyebrow pencils. Don’t give up if you fail on your initial try. 


To enhance your technique, take your time and practice frequently. Try a variety of shapes and styles to see what suits you the best. Recall that even experienced makeup artists were once novices.

Adequately Remove Makeup

It’s crucial to remove your eyebrow pencil and the remainder of your makeup when the day is over. 


Micellar water or a mild makeup remover can remove the product without causing irritation. 


Thoroughly removing your makeup keeps your pores clear and promotes skin health.

Final Thoughts!

Gaining proficiency with eyebrow pencil application will significantly improve your entire makeup appearance. 


You may obtain naturally defined and gorgeous eyebrows by prepping your brows, applying light, hair-like strokes, and selecting the appropriate shade. 


Don’t remember to blend, determine the shape, and set your brows for a finished look. Your brows will always appear perfect, and you’ll become an expert user of eyebrow pencils with patience and practice. Cheers to your grooming!

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