Your ideal clients may already be searching for your services. So, go where the fish are biting.

Job boards like Problogger for writers, 99designs or Behance for designers, or Indeed can be excellent places to discover new clients:

Dig into specific job boards that are popular in your industry. You can narrow the results found there by place, or use remote job boards like We Work Remotely to discover work you can do from home.

Most of these job boards also allow you to sign up for email notifications of new jobs that match your search criteria or skills. That way, you’ll have a constant flow of people interested in your services.

Use a clever Twitter search.

Following the idea of going where the fish are biting, you can also use search results on Twitter to find people who are in need of your services.

Start by playing around with different keyword searches on Twitter, such as:

“Looking for a [role]”
“Hiring [role]”
“Looking to hire a [role]”
Find out what combination gets you more quality hits, and then make sure to filter for the latest posts:

You can even play around with different industry hashtags, and narrow down the results to only your ideal clients. When you find a search that works for you, set up automatic email alerts for these Twitter searches with Warble:

the person who posted.

A word of warning: don’t just copy-paste the same response to every post. Instead, take a moment to check out this person’s profile, their website, and what they do. Then, you can craft a message that is personalized to this post.

Engage with your LinkedIn connections.

While many of us use LinkedIn on a daily basis, are you sure that you’re using it to its full potential?

I’m sure you’re using LinkedIn to connect to potential clients. But, how often do you engage with your connections?

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