You shouldn’t do a diet to lose weight haphazardly. Because, eating patterns and diet models depend on the overall condition of the body, a number of these intakes still contain the nutritional content needed by the body even though the calorie percentage is quite low.

So, you can achieve a healthy ideal body weight. Not only that, adequate protein intake also plays an important role in encouraging fat and calorie burning, supporting metabolism, and also repairing body cells and tissues. Every human being needs a balanced nutritional intake every day, so eating is an important thing.

8 Food Recommendations for a Healthy Diet

To support your diet program, this article will provide recommendations for diet menus that you can use. The recommended menu has a low calorie and low fat percentage which will not interfere with your diet program. Here are the recommendations:

1. Chicken Breast

Not all parts of the chicken have a high fat content, for example the chicken breast. Compared to thighs, breasts have a lower percentage of saturated fat. On the other hand, this part actually has a high iron and protein content. You can prepare chicken breast by grilling or boiling it and avoid frying it so as not to damage its good quality.

2. Counts

Apart from chicken breast, eggs can also be a food choice for dieters. Not only are they pocket-friendly, eggs are also rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamin D and choline. If you want to be even healthier, you can just consume egg whites. Generally, one egg white contains 406 grams of protein as an energy source. You can consume eggs by boiling them to get the best percentage.

3. Lean Beef

There are still many people who think that meat is slot server thailand super gacor a food that cannot be consumed while on a diet. In fact, there are parts of meat that do not contain a lot of fat. This part is usually found around the neck or outer thigh. This lean meat contains protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, zinc and vitamin B12. To enjoy it, you can cook beef by boiling, steaming or grilling it without fat on a non-stick pan.

4. Potatoes

Dieting does not mean eliminating carbohydrate sources. You just have to change the source of carbohydrates to healthier ones, such as potatoes. The foods for this diet contain potassium which keeps blood pressure stable, but the calories are relatively low. Apart from that, potatoes contain vitamin B1, vitamin B9, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Process potatoes by boiling or steaming them so as not to lose their nutrients.

5. Nuts

The nuts or seeds group includes foods for a good diet. In nuts there are various vitamins and minerals, even iron and folate which are good for preventing anemia. Apart from that, nuts are high in protein and fiber so they keep you full for longer. You can choose soybeans, peanuts or red beans for cooking variations.

6. Broccoli

This green vegetable is often avoided by children. In fact, broccoli has many good benefits, especially for those of you who are on a diet program. It contains vitamin C, good carbohydrates, including fiber. The benefits of consuming broccoli during a diet can help maintain a more stable blood sugar percentage and improve digestion.

7. Avocado

Fruit is one of the foods that is often used in diet programs, one of which is avocado. Avocados are often referred to as a fruit that can fatten the body because it is rich in fat. In fact, the fat contained in avocados is unsaturated fat which is actually good for lowering cholesterol. Avocados are suitable as food for diets because they can reduce stomach circumference and prevent hunger.

8. Wheat

Food for a diet that is no less good is wheat because of the high fiber content in it. By changing the source of carbohydrates to whole grains, you will be full longer to prevent overeating. It’s best to choose whole wheat because this type of wheat is not mixed with other ingredients. Start consuming oats as a breakfast menu to start a healthy diet.

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